Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just for Fun - let's kill the pig!

This is a game that's featured on John McCain's website, and I've had so much fun with it today, I thought I'd pass it on.

Play as long as you'd like!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Soldier Who Gets It

Today in visiting my regular haunts on the internet, I stopped by YouDecide2008.com where I occasionally do a little guest commentary and a whole lot of commenting on the news articles posted there. For any of you that's never visited the site, it's a great one.

But today, a soldier named "Dan" posted a comment that touched my heart and made me remember with all too much clarity why we're at war, and why we are the greatest nation on earth. I'd like to share it:

"I am a CWO3 with the U.S. Army and I am about to leave for my 2nd tour in Iraq. As far as this war is concerned, there really is no way to win. This is not a war for oil or land, this is a religious war, where we are fighting the ideals of radical Islam. Oil and freedom of oppressed people is just a cover up so that our government can seem more “politically correct”. I do not agree with politcal correctness at all, a heart is a heart and a spade is a spade, lets call people what they are and quit dancing around the truth all the time. Just to let you know, in case you have forgotten, every part of radical Islam wants America and everything we stand for to be destroyed. If we dont fight this idea on their soil…guess what, we will have a 9/11 as often as terrorists can manage. As far as this war is concerned, if we leave now things will only be worse…and if we stay for the next 10 years things might get a little better but in the end we cant fight an idea or the radical beliefs of a truly unfounded religion. With regards to other countries helping us to get out of this mess, well Britain and Israel are probably our only REAL friends, everyone else is so consumed with Islamic sympathy to do anything of value.

Until the majority of people in this country realize that there are thousands of men, woman, and children who have been seduced by the evil of a false religion on the other side of the world that have only two goals:
-To spread evil and hate to the rest of the world
-To destroy hope and freedom (America in a nutshell)

So wake up America. Just FYI, I am more than happy and more than willing to return to that nasty waste of earth to protect everyone here at home in the greatest nation on earth."

This soldier just said more than I have been able to say in all of my blogging concerning the war, so I'll not add a thing to it. Except please, America, get it. Understand it. Act on it this November.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Democratic Women for McCain

Let’s throw an interesting statistic in the pot this morning. The media mostly attributes the Hillary supporters moving to McCain to be women, and to the sexist factor, right? And GF is one of the main touters of this, and shame on her. I think that paints a picture of women in the 60’s more than women in the 21st century, and it’s discounting the following facts:

“Currently, 21.6 million small businesses file under the individual income tax. In 2006 there were 10.6 million privately-held WOMEN-owned businesses in the United States employing 19.1 million people and generating $2.46 trillion in sales. Women- owned businesses are growing at almost triple the rate as other businesses.” See, we’ve been to the wizard and we got ourselves a brain.

Now, as a woman and a business owner, my issues when choosing a candidate are admittedly different than those of my 90 year old mother. Her financial issues lean more towards the candidate’s stance on Social Security, because that’s her livelyhood now. She has made her choice based more on morality and character. So one place where we might differ on the social securty issue:(just as an example)

Obama wants to do away with the sealing cap on Social Security earnings. Fine for Mom, not so fine for me. It reduces my budget for hiring if I have to continue to match SS withholding for those that hit the cap. Less money for hiring, less employees. No good for me, no good for the economy, no good for employment rates.

Obama wants to raise the estate tax. This affects both my Mom and me - her because anything she and Dad amassed to leave me will be worth virtually half its value after Obama’s new tax gets through with it and it’s disconserting to think you’ve wasted the effort. Me, for the same reason.

Obama’s proposal to raise income tax on those earning over $250,000 py sounds good on the surface, until you factor in the above that 21.6 million small businesses file under the individual income tax. That throws these small businesses (like FARMERS) into that pile, and when that happens watch the price of groceries go through the roof (for just one thing). That one affects us all.

These are just examples, but they are some of the issues that just might be more on the minds of some of these women than the touted sexism theory. And I think we’re not giving that the audience it deserves. It’s a little insulting to think that women are so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things that the only reason “we” could possibly vote for McCain if “we” had previously endorsed Hillary is sexism, or spite, or racism, or PMS. Women are a driving force in America’s economy, on every level. Discounting that by either candidate……….big mistake. Big mistake.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UPDATE: Democrats for McCain - The Movement

After posting the blog yesterday, I actually found a comprehensive list of websites devoted to Democrats electing John McCain for President. I applaud and support their effort and wanted to give everyone the list:

"HRC Supporters for John McCain.
Join the team.


The list seems to be growing by the day, and the added support to the McCain campaign is welcome!

Firorina shoots down another Media Thug

The left wing media who froth at the mouth over their Rock Star Obama is having a tougher time by the day upholding their candidate.

Now that the election has come down to Obama and McCain, there is no doubt that the bias mainstream media will be bound and gagged as they try to champion their candidate's ever changing stances - or the problem of watching him just make things up as he goes along.

Firorina did an excellent job of shooting down Obama follower CNN this morning on Obama's attacks on McCain economic policies.

As the election comes down to real issues, no doubt McCain will be the leading contender.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Democrats for McCain – The Movement

While it’s being largely ignored by mainstream media (MSM), there seems to be a considerable movement afoot among several groups of democrats to elect John McCain for President, and that cause seems to have been taken up by the McCain camp as well. My curiosity was peaked after getting a phone call over the weekend from the new grass roots organization “Citizens for McCain” that was formed last week by Joe Leiberman. It wasn’t a generic recorded message, either, it was a real person with a great English accent who knew my name and ingratiated me to the cause immediately. As an independent, I was on his list, as it was a bi-partisan effort and a very good one.
Being the curious person I am – yes, curiosity may have killed the cat, but at least he knew what he died of – I did the math. Exit polls have indicated that up to 29% of Hillary supporters have said they would vote for McCain, depending on whose exit polls you’re looking at. While I personally think that figure may be high, if you consider that over 18 million people voted for Hillary it would only take around 5% of those voters to constitute a million votes for McCain. JFK won the 1960 election by only 100,000 votes. Hmm, that got my attention and made it very easy to see why the McCain camp would pursue the issue. This is the stuff victories are made of, just as it was in the 1980 election. According to the Washington Post, “Twenty-six percent of Democrats crossed party lines to vote for Reagan in 1980 after a bruising fight for the Democratic nomination between President Jimmy Carter and Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) -- a battle that lasted all the way to the convention. “
As I began scouring the internet, I googled “Democrats for McCain”, and got over a million hits. Some of the articles concerning Democrats jumping ship for McCain dated back to 2006, so it’s not a sudden thing brought on only by Hillary’s speech on Saturday. But it was certainly spurred into frenzy by her speech, as evidenced on her own discussion board with many comments like “My sons did sign waving for her here in Wisconsin and Obama supporters yelled all kinds of nasty things at them and flipped them off when they drove by. We have Hillary bumper stickers on our car and Obama supporters would be rude to us because of them. But not once have I or my family been rude to an Obama supporter. I will never vote for Obama and support this kind of hatred.” I thought, could the behavior of Obama’s supporters have caused part of this uprising?

Most believe the Hillary supporters are just being spiteful, but it seems they have a plan. From the website United4McCain.com, a Michigan group of Democrats:

“In your home states, vote Democratic for all of the Senators and Representatives that are running for office this year. Do not punish them for the sins of our party hierarchy. This plan will only work if we have a majority of Democrats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Do your part to get every Democrat, EXCEPT OBAMA, elected to office this year. And then vote for McCain for President. You will have to split your ticket when you go to the polls. Yes, this is a labor intensive hassle, but you are doing it for your country. We must do what we must do to save our country from inept leadership.”

Some sites are subtle, some not so much, like PUMA (Party Unity My Ass). You can buy yourself all manner of bumper stickers and t-shirts touting “Democrats for McCain” at dems4mccain.com. All in all, Obama’s favorite and most successful strategy – the internet – is becoming littered with problems for him.

There’s a lot of debate going on all over the discussion boards as to why a Hillary democrat would support John McCain, and the hundreds of answers I’ve personally read vary widely from spite born out of losing to hatred of Obama and his supporters, all the way to policy issues, credibility, judgment and trust. Some say it’s because McCain is more Democrat than Republican, a line used often by conservative Republicans themselves.

As an Independent, I don’t get much flack for my support of John McCain. Because I’ve declared myself an Independent I’m entitled to vote either way. But declared democrats jumping ship – now that’s a rat’s nest. Or to be more politically correct, let’s say that will prove to be divisive, bitter, and damaging to the Democratic Party.

This commentator’s conclusion is that while Hillary and Obama were similar in their views on the issues, they were not similar in their values, experience for the job, or ideals. That match up more closely relates to Hillary and McCain, and therein will lay the choice for these Democrats in exile. We all know the stock market runs on emotion, and I have long said so does a Presidential election. Hillary supporters who voted for her because of her stand on the issues will probably continue to support the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. But those that supported Hillary based on character, experience, and emotion may well slide across the aisle to John McCain, and if the exit polls on the subject are any indication, we may very well see a replay of the 1980 elections.

Don’t discount a “movement” in America - it’s the very thing they attribute Obama’s success to.